"Dave of Distinctive Theater is very knowledgeable. He has great patience in helping you understand all the workings of the installed components and wants to make sure you are comfortable in using them before he leaves. He came into our home as a professional. My husband and I appreciate customer service and he has met and exceeded our expectation. He respected my home by removing his shoes, he used drop clothes where needed. He left our home the same condition as when he came in. I would highly recommend Distinctive Theater to anyone and will let my friends know about them. I know we will be using Dave again in the near future. A quality company."

Sherri, Pepperell MA

The work that Distinctive Theater did in our home required running wires through wall and under floors. Everything was done in a professional manner and left clean. They listened to what we wanted, even if we did not know it was possible. They offered solutions that worked exactly as promised. I would highly recommend Distinctive Theater for their knowledge of their trade and quality of work.

Bill, Bedford NH

David, Allow me to recount our first professional dealing for the benefit of those not present.  It was a first job for an interior designer with a client who had a vision.  Uh oh.  He wanted LEDs integrated into his granite desktops.  He gave me an online photo and an expectation to exceed what he had seen.  I did some digging, some mock-ups, and then called you.

When I said I needed help on a project integrating LED lighting, granite, and wireless controls, you said “Great, tell me more!”

When I told you I needed someone to call my lighting distributor, who spoke the same language as them, you said “Great, what’s their number?”

When I needed to have the site wired for power and controls, on short notice, you said “Great, when do you need me?”

When I was on site, trying to make all the wires make sense, I called you with a few requests (read: demands) and a few explitives regarding MY NEEDS and you responded “Relax, I will take care of your (TOTALLY OUTRAGEOUS) requests today, after I finish my scheduled work.”  Which you did.

David, you are a business person of the highest caliber, with a strong drive to make things right for the customer, a skill set to back up that desire, and history of exceeding those expectations.  Thank you for making a potentially dangerous first job that much more successful!
Michael Hauptly-Pierce   
Sales Manager, RE M&G

My wife and I were in the market for a new component to add to our system. We were hesitant to go to a large electronics retailer due to the lack of personal service. A friend recommended Dave from Distinctive Theater. Late on Sunday we called Dave and found him to be friendly, receptive, and very helpful. A few days later, he fixed and programmed our entire system. Since that time, DTI has fully installed sound systems in two other houses for us. David is easy to reach, knowledgeable of the latest technology, well organized and respectful of property. We truly fell David is one of a dying breed of service providers that always strives to do the job right… no matter how big or small.

Mark and Jennifer, Boston MA

We built our dream home during 2007 and needed a system that fit our lifestyle. Dave and Brandon installed all of the equipment and several feet of wiring. They stayed long after we moved in to be sure we were comfortable with the use of the system. Our expectations are very high and this team exceeded them!

Michael, Stratham, NH