Commercial A/V

Conference Rooms:

Let us install for you state of the art projector screens and audio systems into your conference rooms. All of our systems can be easily connected to different computers within your business and feature built-in wall operated systems. The best part of the wall systems is that it ensures no one accidentally walks away with the remote control! We only use high quality products that are durable for commercial use and as with all of our products, our systems are easy to use.

Community Centers, Retirement Homes:

These are very similar to our conference rooms but are designed more for entertainment. Installing high quality screens that allow for fantastic DVD watching or just daily news watching enhances their day! We also encourage the installation of game systems like the Wii in retirement homes, allowing residents to stay active and youthful!

Restaurants and Bars:

We love installing multiple flat screen monitors, high end speakers for playing background music and even easy to use microphone systems for calling in orders.

We can also provide service to any existing commercial system.