Lighting and Shades

Create the perfect atmosphere in your home with our Lighting and Shades. By controlling both natural and electric light throughout your home,youcan decide the temperature of your entertainment space to fit the exact environment you need. The best part: when you’re done (with just one touch of a button) it all turns off. We’re proud to say even the universal remotes and lighting systems are stylish and modern looking, allowing them to blend seamlessly with your home decor.


What's even more convenient? You can install an app to your iPhone, iPad or Android system to control everything. Imagine turning on your lights with one touch of your phone before you even walk in the door. Want to save even more money and energy? Your new lighting system can have a lighting and/or shade schedule. Program when specific lights turn off and on, and have lights in unoccupied rooms shut off automatically. You can even have your system lower the shades during the hottest part of the day, to keep your house cool and comfortable, or late in the evening to provide you privacy.


We can also help custom design a shading system in your home that has a wide array of colors and styles. All of our shading systems are made only from environmentally conscious fabrics, giving your home the ultimate level of privacy, comfort and peace of mind.