Outdoor Systems

The outdoor area of your house is an important extension of your home. Most people love to entertain friends and family outside where you can have the perfect balance of nature and home comfort. We have the perfect solution to upgrading your outdoor enjoyment while adding to the ambiance. 

We have an array of different systems and choices to help you blend a new entertainment system in with the existing space.

  Just a few things that we can do:


Install speakers that look like rocks. (You won’t notice them, but you’ll hear them!)

  • Install a full outdoor theater that has a screen come out of the eves of your home to create the ultimate outdoor movie (or sports watching) experience.
  • Install speakers that look like planter boxes or even coconuts to blend into your tiki bar!
  • We have TVs and remotes that are waterproof, and remotes that float.
  • We can even bury subwoofers into the ground to create a seamless look.


At Distinctive Theater, we can even provide you with a landscape architect to help create for you an entirely brand new outdoor design—if you're ready for the challenge!